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David Blacker farms around 890ha on a mix of family-owned, rented and stubble to stubble contracts just north of York. He is keen to drive down costs, and has recently bought a four metre strip-till drill which has led to a new rotation for 2014/15 - wheat, oilseed rape, wheat and spring beans. David grows feed wheat, chops all his straw and is using cover crops to improve soil structure and add organic matter to fields before spring beans. David is particularly interested in precision farming and improving his soil organic matter and structure, and is running his own trial to incorporate compost to raise the soil organic matter. He is also planning to re-locate his farm yard, including his chemical store which will include a bio-bed type spray washings system and rain water harvesting.

Meeting notice

For more information please email Judith Stafford, AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Knowledge Exchange Manager.

Previous meetings:

  • Summer open day: 28 June 2017 (report, pdf)
  • Weed control: 8 March 2017 (report, pdf)
  • Spray nozzles: 25 January 2017 (report, pdf)
  • Getting more from farm accounts: 1 December 2016 (report, pdf)
  • Soils and cultivations: 11 November 2016 (report, pdf)
  • Canopy management (Summer meeting): 28 June 2016 (report, pdf)
  • YEN regional workshop: 12 May 2016
  • Variety choices:24 February 2016 (report, pdf)
  • Gypsum use in clay soils: 11 February 2016 (report, pdf)
  • Grain marketing: 21 January 2016 (report, pdf)
  • Farm security:16 December 2015 (report, pdf)
  • Cover crop review with Liz Stockdale:9 November 2015 (report, pdf)
  • Farm walk, strip till drill, cover crops and soil health:8 July 2015
  • Bean nodulation and phosphate demystified: 1 June 2015 (report, pdf)
  • Soil health using cover crops: 27 February 2015 (report, pdf)
  • CropBench+: 13 January 2015 (report, pdf)
  • Beans: 10 December 2014 (report, pdf)
  • Launch meeting: 31 October 2014 (report, pdf)

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