Export activity



AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds invests in export market development activities delivered through its exports team.

The team works to generate demand for cereals in overseas markets to prevent oversupply in the domestic market. This helps to sustain internal prices for cereals relative to world prices. The team helps ensure that the UK industry can provide a quality product required by overseas markets. By growing what the market requires, producers increase their opportunity to receive a premium and maximise returns.


> Provide independent information to overseas buyers, through a range of events and communications.

> Work with overseas governments and embassies to open and develop markets.

> Work with exporters to maximise opportunities for the trade of UK cereals.

> Provide trade information to overseas buyers to enhance the marketing of UK grains.

> Develop, maintain and promote the wheat export brands ukp and uks, in consultation with industry.

> Analyse new wheat varieties to ascertain their suitability for overseas markets.

> Raise awareness of the export market as a viable option for growers to consider to maximise returns.

> Increase the understanding and awareness of opportunities for cereals outside the UK and provide support for businesses to access them.


Baking workshops

Baking workshops enable buyers and millers from overseas countries to come together to bake their national breads using ukp and uks flour. These hands-on events give buyers the opportunity to learn how to use UK wheat more effectively in their market.

Inward missions

Inward missions give buyers the opportunity to experience the UK grain chain first hand and allow them to ask questions directly to growers, plant breeders and traders. A typical programme would involve a visit to a farm, a central store, an intake laboratory and a port, with other industry experts invited to speak to delegates.

Outward missions

Each year, visits are organised to overseas markets to inform overseas buyers of the availability, in terms of both quantity and quality, of UK cereals for the current season. The two-way communication, enables us to learn more about overseas market requirements. Where appropriate, we endeavour to meet with overseas governments and embassies to open and develop markets and address any barriers to trade.

Events and exhibitions

We attend a number of key industry events both in the UK and overseas to raise the awareness of the export brands and the potential of UK cereals.