Winter wheat trials and harvest results 2014


AHDB RL Harvest Results _webAll trial details and harvest results for 2014 are available:

Harvest results:

Winter wheat yield results (pdf)

Winter wheat yield results (xlsx)

Winter wheat full harvest results (xlsx)

Regional analysis

The following tables have results for the three regions shown on the map. 

Crop Regions

East region (pdf)

East region (xlsx)

West region (pdf)

West region (xlsx)

North region (pdf)

North region (xlsx)


Sowing lists:

Winter wheat sowing list (pdf)

Winter wheat sowing list (xlsx)

Trials in the early-sown winter wheat series are sown between 25th August and the 14th September:

Early sown wheat trials (pdf)

Early sown wheat trials (xlsx)

The growth and development plots measure the speed of development to growth stage 31:

Growth and development plots (pdf)

Growth and development plots (xlsx)

Vernalisation plots find out the latest safe sowing date:

Vernalisation plots (pdf)

Vernalisation plots (xlsx)

Quality control data:

Winter wheat quality control (pdf)

Winter wheat quality control (xlsx)