Pre-harvest glyphosate use in cereals and oilseed rape

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Key information

Glyphosate products may be used pre-harvest on a range of cereal, oilseed and pulse crops to control weeds, aid harvesting and protect grain quality and food safety.

Stewardship is essential to minimise preventable residues (in water and produce).

Stewardship is also required to minimise the risk of resistance occurring in UK weed populations, although a single pre-harvest application of glyphosate per crop should not increase the risk (unless survivors are present from prior glyphosate applications).


> Be sure your target market permits the use of glyphosate

> Check and follow product labels

> Follow best application practice (for maximum efficacy and drift reduction)

> Only apply glyphosate as a harvest aid when the grain or seeds have less than 30 per cent moisture content

> Use the guidance in this publication to estimate moisture contents

> Only target weeds that are green, healthy and actively growing

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