United Kingdom Cereal Pathogen Virulence Survey (UKCPVS)

Project number 21120034

Lead partner NIAB

Scientific Partner APHA

Start Date 01/04/11

End date 31/03/2020

AHDB funding*

This project has had several phases. The current phase started in April 2019. The is jointly funded by Defra and AHDB, with the latter providing £563,238.

The challenge

Genetic resistance is a useful tool for disease control but if the pathogen adapts to the resistance mechanism, causing breakdown of the resistance, previously resistant varieties become susceptible. The risk of this happening is higher in varieties that rely on single major genes for resistance or those where combinations of race-specific genes that have already been matched individually by virulence in the pathogen are used. This can result in widespread damaging disease epidemics. 

The project

The project aims to monitor changes in virulence of rust and mildew populations and determine their significance for the resistances that are being used in current varieties and breeding programmes.

The benefits

Continued improvement of genetic resistance, which will reduce the dependence on fungicides and lead to environmental and economic benefits. 

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