Packaging manufactured from starch-based materials (STARPAC project)


Packaging manufactured from starch-based materials (STARPAC project)


R. C. E. Guy and A. G. Hall
Scientific Partners; Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association and
The University of Reading Department of Biomimetics

Consortium Project Sponsored by EPSRC, MAFF and HGCA

October 1999


The aims of the studies were to examine the performance of wheat flour in packaging materials and compare it with the most effective synthetic plastic packaging, expanded polystyrene (EPS). Expanded foams were prepared from wheat flour by two processing systems and the foams were evaluated by impact and compression tests used on EPS. The processing methods involved extrusion cooking, either with direct expansion or a novel technique, based on the formation and expansion of cooked pellets of flour. The two methods were studied in parallel so that the factors controlling the performance of flour-based foam could be studied in detail on directly expanded foams, while the novel technique was being developed.


HGCA Project Number: 1678
Price: £3.00

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