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A review of pest management in cereals and oilseed rape in the UK

Pest Management  / RR86 / Published: 

This report was produced as a research review for project RD-2012-3796 which ran from October 2012 to May 2016. This review builds on previous reviews to examine changing pest management needs for individual pests of OSR and cereals.


Implications of not controlling slugs in oilseed rape and wheat in the UK

Pest Management,  Research Reviews,  Pest Management  / RR79 / Published: 

Metaldehyde is the main pesticide used to control slugs in oilseed rape and wheat in the UK. It can be detected in raw water above the drinking water standard. Unless action is taken, regulatory restrictions or withdrawal may be enforced.


A review of invertebrate pest thresholds

Pest Management  / RR73 / Published: 

This is the final report of a six month review which started in January 2009. The aim of the project was to assess the robustness of existing thresholds, look into the development of new thresholds and highlight knowledge gaps.