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Fusarium infection risk calculator

Disease Management,  Quality and Safety  / PR593 / Published: 

This is the final report of a 36 month project (21130008) which started in May 2015. The aim of this project is to improve the information available on fusarium infection risk during flowering.


Genetic improvement of wheat to reduce the potential for acrylamides

Quality and Safety  / PR591 / Published: 

This project seeks to identify currently available varieties and genotypes of wheat that are low in free asparagines. The project also aims to provide wheat breeders with the genetic tools to reduce the concentration of free asparagine further.


Analysis of genetic & environmental factors influencing oat quality

Varieties, Breeding and Genetics,  Quality and Safety  / SR47 / Published: 

One of the aims of this project is to characterise how variety, environment and management factors influence milling quality in oats and develop phenotyping and genotyping tools for its improvement.


Monitoring of mycotoxins & other contaminants in UK cereals

Quality and Safety  / PR578 / Published: 

This project monitored current and emerging legislation and contaminant issues that could have impacted on the safety of cereal-based foods and their acceptability in key home and overseas markets.


Identification of Fusarium resistance traits in UK oat varieties

Quality and Safety  / SR39 / Published: 

This PhD project aimed to understand if observed differences in HT2+T2 concentration in harvested oats (spring/winter, conventional/husked, dwarf) are due to genetics or differences in agronomy and plant morphology.