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Hands Free Hectare 2: Autonomous farming machinery for cereals production

Varieties, Breeding and Genetics,  Disease Management,  Weed Management,  Pest Management,  Nutrient Management,  Soil Management,  Environment  / PR609 / Published: 

Hands Free Hectare 2 built on the experiences during the 2016 to 2017 cropping season to farm a one hectare of winter wheat autonomously.


Updating N fertiliser management guidelines for winter barley

Nutrient Management  / PR571 / Published: 

The aim of this project was to review existing evidence and generate new data in order to produce an AHDB Guide describing N management of winter barley and to provide evidence for updating the RB209 N management guidelines for winter barley


Automating nitrogen fertiliser management for cereals (Auto-N)

Nutrient Management  / PR561 / Published: 

This is the final report of a 60 month project (RD-2008-3530) which started in January 2010. The project aimed to apply the information available from technologies within an ‘Auto-N logic’ to improve the precision of N fertiliser decision making.


Modern triticale crops for increased yields, reduced inputs, increased profitability and reduced greenhouse gas emissions from UK cereal production

Varieties, Breeding and Genetics,  Nutrient Management,  Environment,  Quality and Safety  / PR556 / Published: 

This is the final report of a 40 month project (RD-2009-3699) which started in March 2012. The aim of the project was to underlying causes for the differences in yield, N requirement and nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) between wheat and triticale.