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Fund for on-Farm INNovative research (FarmINN)

Varieties, Breeding and Genetics,  Disease Management,  Weed Management,  Pest Management,  Nutrient Management,  Soil Management,  Environment,  Feed,  Quality and Safety,  Non-food Uses  / 21510025 / Published: 

Farmers interested in participating in innovative on-farm research can get funds and scientific support through FarmINN.

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Managing concurrent evolution of resistance to fungicides (PhD)

Disease Management  / 21120062 / Published: 

This project will develop modelling approaches, in close collaboration with field experimentation, to develop guidance for fungicide resistance management programmes where resistance is evolving to multiple modes of action (MOA).

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Barley resistance to rhynchosporium: new sources and closely linked markers (PhD)

Varieties, Breeding and Genetics,  Disease Management  / 21130048 / Published: 

Project number 21130048 Lead partner James Hutton Institute  Scientific partner University of Dundee Industry partners SECOBRA Recherches SAS, AGRII and Lantmannen Start date October 2017 End date March 2021 AHDB funding £70,500 Total funding £90,3......

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Defining the basis for variation in water absorption of UK wheat flours

Varieties, Breeding and Genetics,  Quality and Safety  / 21130025 / Published: 

Low water absorption (WA) of wheat flour can force millers to supplement their grist with imported wheat. This project will identify the factors that determine WA and how their impact relates to differences between cultivars and growth conditions.

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