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Guidelines to minimise the risk of erucic acid in double-low oilseed rape

Varieties and Growth Guides,  Grain Storage,  Grain Sampling and Analysis  / W1 / Published: 

Over the last few years, higher than expected levels of erucic acid have been found in seed grown from double-low oilseed rape varieties. These guidelines highlight the key risk points where management of erucic acid levels can make a difference.

W1 Guidelines To Minimise The Risk Of Erucic Acid In Double Low Oilseed Rape

Pea and bean crop walkers' guides and wallcharts

Varieties and Growth Guides,  Disease Management,  Pest Management,  Nutrient Management  / H1 / Published: 

These publications, produced by AHDB Horticulture, will assist growers, agronomists and their staff in the vital task of monitoring pea and bean crops.

Pea Bean

IS61 Risk assessment for fusarium mycotoxins in wheat

Disease Management,  Grain Storage,  Grain Sampling and Analysis  / IS61 / Published: 

Use this factsheet or the online tool at to assess the risk of fusarium mycotoxins and record the score on the grain passport.

IS61 Risk Assessment For Fusarium Mycotoxins In Wheatpdf Page 1

Monitoring and control of wheat bulb fly

Pest Management  / IS51 / Published: 

All cereals except oats can be attacked by wheat bulb fly (WBF), although damage is most frequently reported in wheat. This page includes links to information on pest biology, as well as information on monitoring and control (eg treatment thresholds)

Wheat Bulb Fly Front Cover

Inspecting grain for defects and impurities (poster)

Grain Storage,  Grain Sampling and Analysis  / P06 / Published: 

Download this publication This publication can be downloaded from: This poster looks into the effects of defects and impurities on wheat and barley in storage. It disp......

P06 (2016)

Cabbage stem flea beetle

Pest Management  / IS55 / Published: 

In the absence of neonicotinoid seed treatments, control will be reliant on the use of foliar sprays of pyrethroids. Any decision to apply an insecticide must be based on a risk assessment.

Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle Front Cover

Orange wheat blossom midge

Pest Management  / IS53 / Published: 

Wheat blossom midge larvae feed on the developing seeds, causing small, shrivelled grains with poor germination. Damage to the outer layer of the grain allows water to enter, resulting in sprouting in the ear and fungal attack.