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Pre-harvest glyphosate use in cereals and oilseed rape

Weed Management,  Environment,  Grain Sampling and Analysis  / IS64 / Published: 

Glyphosate products may be used pre-harvest on a range of crops to control weeds, aid harvesting and protect grain quality and food safety. This publication outlines stewardship measures to maximise product efficacy and minimise crop residues.

IS64 Pre Harvest Glyphosate Use In Cereals And Oilseed Rape

Livestock and the arable rotation

Varieties and Growth Guides,  Weed Management,  Nutrient Management,  Soil Management,  Feed  / G100 / Published: 

Targeted at managers of arable-based systems who are thinking about livestock opportunities for the first time, this guide includes sections on leys, cover crops, forage crops, maize, outdoor pig production and manures.

GS100 Livestock And The Arable Rotation

Managing weeds in arable rotations - a guide (winter 2017)

Weed Management  / G61 / Published: 

This practical guide for farmers and agronomists brings together research to allow improved weed management through a rotation dominated by autumn-sown crops. Originally published in 2010, the 2017 revision has a new look and some minor changes.

G61 Winter 2017

Herbicide resistance in broad-leaved weeds

Weed Management  / IS54 / Published: 

Populations of herbicide-resistant broad-leaved weeds are still uncommon in the UK but are increasing. If you suspect resistance, collect seed samples for testing.


Weed control in conventional and organic oats

Weed Management  / IS52 / Published: 

Weed control in oats is difficult because there is a limited range of herbicides available. In organic oats, there are three key methods of management: control during the ley phase of the rotation, stale seedbeds and mechanical weeding in the crop.


Oilseed rape guide

Varieties and Growth Guides,  Disease Management,  Weed Management,  Pest Management,  Nutrient Management  / G65 / Published: 

The publication covers all the main areas associated with the growth of this crop – from understanding the market, to its agronomic, harvest and storage requirements. The guide also signposts to a wide range of further reference sources.

G65 Oilseed Rape Guide 2018

Minimising the risk of glyphosate resistance

Weed Management  / AHDB-IS03 / Published: 

The herbicide glyphosate has been commercially available for 40 years. It is one of the most frequently used herbicides in the UK in all crop production systems, including annual and perennial crops and non-cropped areas.