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Soil Management  / GREATsoils / Published: 

Whether you need an introduction to soil biology or a detailed guide to improving field drainage, AHDB has information and guidance to support you.

Pre-harvest glyphosate use in cereals and oilseed rape

Weed Management,  Environment,  Grain Sampling and Analysis  / IS64 / Published: 

Glyphosate products may be used pre-harvest on a range of crops to control weeds, aid harvesting and protect grain quality and food safety. This publication outlines stewardship measures to maximise product efficacy and minimise crop residues.

Livestock and the arable rotation

Varieties and Growth Guides,  Weed Management,  Nutrient Management,  Soil Management,  Feed  / G100 / Published: 

Targeted at managers of arable-based systems who are thinking about livestock opportunities for the first time, this guide includes sections on leys, cover crops, forage crops, maize, outdoor pig production and manures.

AHDB Field drainage guide

Soil Management,  Environment  / G68 / Published: 

This guide outlines the basic principles of field drainage, including information on installation and maintenance. It also emphasises the importance of good soil structure and includes information on subsoiling.

Opportunities for cover crops in conventional arable rotations

Varieties and Growth Guides,  Weed Management,  Pest Management,  Nutrient Management,  Soil Management,  Environment  / IS41 / Published: 

A cover crop is a non-cash crop grown primarily for the purpose of ‘protecting or improving’ between periods of regular crop production. This publication details the opportunities for cover crops in conventional arable rotations.

IS41 - Opportunities for cover crops in conventional arable rotations

No-till: opportunities and challenges for cereal and oilseed growers

Disease Management,  Weed Management,  Pest Management,  Nutrient Management,  Soil Management  / IS14 / Published: 

No-till means sowing directly into the residues of the previous crop without any prior topsoil loosening. The objective is to reduce production costs while maintaining or increasing yields with possible added environmental benefits.

Soil conditions and oilseed rape establishment

Soil Management  / IS10 / Published: 

Oilseed rape seedlings are weak and susceptible to poor seedbed conditions, weather and early growing conditions. Many growers have settled on establishment methods that suit their farms.