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Hands Free Hectare 2: Autonomous farming machinery for cereals production

Varieties, Breeding and Genetics,  Disease Management,  Weed Management,  Pest Management,  Nutrient Management,  Soil Management,  Environment  / PR609 / Published: 

Hands Free Hectare 2 built on the experiences during the 2016 to 2017 cropping season to farm a one hectare of winter wheat autonomously.


Exploiting yield maps and soil management zones

Soil Management  / PR565 / Published: 

This is the final project report of an 18 month project (RD-2012-3875) which started in January 2013. The aim of this project was to establish robust and accessible protocols for the production of reliable yield maps.


Straw incorporation review

Weed Management,  Pest Management,  Disease Management,  Environment,  Nutrient Management,  Soil Management,  Non-food Uses  / RR81 / Published: 

An evidence-based literature review of the potential environmental and economic impact of wheat and OSR straw incorporation vs. removal for UK arable situations in order to support growers in decision making and provide information for policy makers.