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Understanding and predicting alcohol yield from wheat

,  Non-food Uses  / SR24 / Published: 

This is the final report of a PhD project (RD-2007-3357) which ran from April 2007 to April 2010. This work focused on understanding and predicting the alcohol yield from wheat according to its physical, physicochemical and chemical characteristics.


Adapting wheat to global warming (ERYCC)

,  Varieties, Breeding and Genetics,  Environment  / PR496 / Published: 

In this project, 64 UK, French and other elite varieties (the ERYCC panel) released between 1953 and 2008 were characterised to inform breeders of trait sources and trends associated with adaptation of wheat to these conditions.


Identifying the factors determining the chlorophyll content of UK rapeseed

,  Varieties, Breeding and Genetics  / PR OS61 / Published: 

Research was undertaken to investigate the possible causes of the high concentrations of chlorophyll in UK rapeseed, to determine the extent of any variation between varieties, variety types (hybrids versus conventional lines), sites and seasons.


Rye and triticale in the UK

,  Environment,  Nutrient Management,  Varieties, Breeding and Genetics,  Pest Management,  Disease Management,  Quality and Safety,  Soil Management,  Non-food Uses  / RR21 / Published: 

This review brings together the results of trials published and unpublished, conducted on the husbandry of both crops throughout the UK since the mid 1970's. Comparisons with other cereal species are also made and recommendations are given for crop h