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    Our monitoring information provides regionally specific information about variety performance, as well as information on local pest and disease pressures.

AHDB Recommended Lists 2019/20


Booklet edition of the 2019/20 Recommended Lists is now online.


Sclerotinia infection risk forecasts

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Regular reports on sclerotinia infection risk, alongside commentary on other disease risk factors – such as petal stick and spore release information – are published during the main risk period.



Our UK weather station network provides you with weekly information on temperature and rainfall.

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Excess winter rainfall

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We publish information on excess winter rainfall  (EWR) to help you estimate potential losses of nitrate through leaching.

AHDB Aphid News

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AHDB Aphid News provides weekly updates on regional aphid activity during key times of the year. It is designed to assist decision-making relating to spraying.

BYDV management tool

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Use this BYDV management tool to help you calculate when cereal crops are at the greatest risk of infection.

Leaf spot forecasts

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Our phoma and light leaf spot forecasts provide an advanced regional indication of disease pressure, helping you target control. The phoma forecast was updated on 5 October 2017.

Soil monitoring tool

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Guiding your propyzamide planning

SoilMonitor uses data from the AHDB WeatherHub to highlight trends in soil and air temperatures at monitoring sites across the UK.