Agronomists' Conference (livestream)

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Agronomists' Conference (catch up)

The AHDB Agronomists' Conference took place on 4-5 December 2018.

Watch the conference seminars from the comfort of your own office.

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Session 1 – Crop protection in potatoes

> Potato blight: European and UK perspectives – Geert Kessel, Wageningen University & Research and David Cooke, James Hutton Institute

> Potato cyst nematodes (PCN) tolerance – Peter Urwin, SARIC

> Developments in treating rhizoctonia and black dot – Simon Faulkner, SDF Agriculture Ltd

Session 2 – Crop nutrition in potatoes

> Soil pH, liming policy and common scab – Jennifer Preston, NIAB

> Irrigation – improvements in control and monitoring – Nicola Dunn, AHDB and Anthony Hopkins, UK Irrigation Association

> Optimising the use of phosphate – Robin Walker, SRUC

Session 3 – Crop protection in cereals and oilseeds

> Fungicide performance – Stuart Knight, NIAB

> Pest thresholds and BYDV management – Steve Ellis, ADAS and Charlotte Rowley, AHDB

> Using farm networks for smart herbicide resistance management and monitoring – Paul Neve, Rothamsted Research

Session 4 – Crop nutrition in cereals and oilseeds

> RB209 revision – Sajjad Awan, AHDB

> Sulphur and manures – Lizzie Sagoo, ADAS

> Autumn nitrogen in no-till situations – Pete Berry, ADAS