Berwick-upon-Tweed Monitor Farm

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Richard Reed farms a mix of owned and contract farmed land and contracting totalling 1170ha with his father near Berwick-upon-Tweed. He grows winter wheat for biscuit wheat or distilling, oilseed rape, winter barley for malt, feed, and seed, spring barley, and tried 3ha spring beans in 2014. During the Monitor Farm programme, Richard hopes to look at improving soil structure and condition, work force succession, grain marketing and machinery and establishment costs.

Meeting notice

For more information email Judith Stafford AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Knowledge Exchange Manager.

Winter meetings are at Ancroft Memorial Hall, unless otherwise specified.

Previous meetings:

  • Summer open day: 20 June 2017 (report, pdf)
  • Land drainage and practical ditch management (joint meeting with Catchment Sensitive Farming): 23 May 2017
  • Fixed cost analysis: 8 February 2017 (report, pdf)
  • Costing out your rotation: 12 January 2017 (report, pdf)
  • Soil management and cover crops with Elizabeth Stockdale: 7 December 2016 (report, pdf)
  • Headland management, soils and cultivations: 10 November 2016 (report, pdf)
  • Summer meeting: 8 July 2016 (report, pdf)
  • Recruitment and rentention: 19 February 2016 (report, pdf)
  • Soil health and cover crops: 19 January 2016 (report, pdf)
  • Grain marketing: 15 December 2015 (report, pdf)
  • Machinery and labour profile workshop: 12 November 2015 (report, pdf)
  • Farm walk, beans, soils and cover crops: 1 July 2015 (report, pdf)
  • Farm budgets: 5 March 2015 (report, pdf)
  • Beans: 14 January 2015 (report, pdf)
  • Launch: 18 November 2014 - (report, pdf)

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Looking below the surface

11 June 2015