Harvest is almost complete at Savock Farm

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Harvest is almost complete at Savock Farm

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17 September 2012



“On reading my fellow monitor farmer’s blog with his baler mishap, it reminded me we had a similar incident – but fortunately we only had a damaged sensor and bearing. On the other hand, we seem to have had a run of small but annoying breakdowns with some of our machinery; I fear the plough may have seen its day!

“Back to the harvest, and so far all our oilseed rape is now in Aberdeen Grain, our local cooperative grain store at 3.5t/ha with 44% oil content. This is about our average, so I think we should be pleased considering the season. Unfortunately our winter oats have not fared as well and are sub 5t/ha. Winter oats have been one of our best performers over recent years, but we have decided to drop them from the rotation prior to harvest, I think the poor performance may be down to varietal choice as well as weather.


“We have cut 75% of our spring barley, quality looks good and should go for malting. Propino and Chronicle, a potential new malting variety, are looking to have done over 5t/ha with Concerto yielding 4.8t/ha.

“We still have 150ha to cut on farm plus contract combining. The plan would be to give the spring oats some sunshine in a can in the next couple of days, so we are attempting to have harvest finished this month.

“Drilling is going well with oilseed rape, we have drilled some Viscount wheat now and have a good area of winter barley in. There is still some Matros, Volume and Bamboo to drill after wheat.”

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