Aberdeenshire reports


Final meeting

November 2014

  • Andrew’s update
  • Update on Greening Regs – Lorna Smith
  • Market Outlook Update – Ian Keith
  • Fly and a news
  • Lessons from 2014 Harvest
  • Assessment of project’s impact
  • What next?

Final meeting report - November 2014 (pdf)

Greening presentation, L. Smith (pdf)

Meeting 18

Meeting report - May 2014 (pdf)

• Andrew's update
• Growing Crop Inspection – Ian Dalley & Iain Learmonth
• Market Outlook Update – Charlie Birnie
• Future Farm Policy & Plan

Meeting 17

Farm succession planning and N response trial results

Meeting 16

Harvest Feedback and Conclusions on the 2013 Season

Meeting 15

Aberdeenshire Arable Monitor Farm Trip to the Howe o’ the Mearns

Meeting 14

Open Meeting to promote the project’s progress

Meeting 13

Future labour/machinery policy. Planning for next season - variety selection.

Meeting 12

Improving Agrochemical performance through Sprayer Application Technology.

Meeting 11

An idiot's guide to analysing farm accounts.

Meeting 10

Review and update on precision farming plus SGRPID field mapping inspections.

Meeting 9

Reporting the MF’s crop performance and gathering growers’ experiences and lessons.

Meeting 8

Review of soil management including; crop nutrition, soil structure, nutrient availability, organic matter and use of compost.

Meeting 7

The aim here is to extend the project by visiting a progressive arable farmer to review their business, taking any learning back to the Monitor Farm.

Meeting 6

The main focus is to take time to really see the growing crops, discuss the agronomy programme, share experiences and discuss future crop management. 

Meeting 5

The main objective is to examine compost as a tool for improving soil structure. Also discussed a forward farm budget for the year.

Meeting 4

A key decision for the Booths' concerns the future grain drying and handling system. This meeting involved a visit to three farms to see different drying systems first hand.

Meeting 3

The main objective was a group exercise to capture the lessons/experiences from the 2011 season and hear about Robert Ramsay’s biomass crop drier.

Meeting 2

The main objective is to consider options for replacing the aging fertiliser spreader. What is the replacement policy, the options and how do you cost it? Also, inspect growing crops and market update.

Meeting 1

This is the first meeting so the main objective is to meet Andrew and George Booth, get to know the business, enterprise mix, land capability, mechanisation, etc - understanding their system.