Unearth your strengths with Farmbench

Farmbench helps you to understand and compare your full costs of production at both enterprise and whole-farm level.

It is becoming more important than ever for farmers and growers to compete with the best in the world and a key part of competitiveness is controlling the cost of production.

AHDB’s new Farmbench system, allows producers to input either whole farm or enterprise specific data to suit their needs. Costs can be split across beef, sheep, potato and arable enterprises, with dairy coming online in 2018.

Farmbench is one of the tools to help manage resilience to risks and to cope with volatility. Our industry is likely to experience significantly greater exposure to fluctuating prices, currency swings and adverse climatic events, impacting the resilience of many farm businesses.

This user-friendly and intuitive tool allows you to shine a spotlight on where you can fine-tune your business decisions and provide a comparison to your peers through aggregated and anonymised data

Have a look at the website or get in touch with your AHDB Regional Officer or Regional Manager and we will help you get access to the programme to help you improve your costs and grow your business.

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Registering to use Farmbench

Groups who wish to register as an Arable Business Group and use Farmbench should initially contact their Knowledge Exchange Manager, or email along with the group name, members' list and contact details.

Individuals wishing to use Farmbench can register directly on the website

For farms within Scotland, please contact AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Knowledge Exchange Manager Gavin Dick on 07972 636679 or for further details.

View the Farmbench Data Protection Policy