AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Export team, produces information on various topics such as how to grow wheat for exports, to reports on our target and competitor markets. They can be downloaded below, but if you would like to receive hard copies of any of the publications listed, please email


Milling Wheat Classifications For ExportMilling wheat classifications for export

Provides a snapshot of the milling wheat classifications, ukp and uks and their specifications. 



Growing For ExportsGrowing wheat for exports

Provides information on how the cereals exports industry benefits growers whether or not they are active in exports.


ED2018Exporters Directory

The Exporters Directory provides information for producers of cereals on accessing the export market through their local merchant.

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CA 2018Chopin Alveograph guide

Every year, over 1000 samples of wheat are tested using the Chopin Alveograph to provide growers with information on quality performance to assist them with variety selection through the Recommended List. This publication can be accessed via


Target Market Report

Target market reports

These reports are produced for the main UK cereal export markets. They include information on demographics, economics, the structure of the market, consumer trends, and supply and demand.

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Competitor ReportCompetitor country reports

These reports look at the main countries the UK cereal industry competes with. They include information on demographics, economics, harvest quality, production and exports.

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