Agronomy 2016

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Agronomy 2016 

Exploring agronomic hazards and risks, these evidence-based events look to help cereals and oilseeds growers improve the resilience of their businesses and maximise economic reward.

Based on topics handpicked by our Regional Managers, the events provide an unparalleled opportunity to discuss developments in agronomy with experts at the cutting edge of applied research.

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Locations, dates and programmes

1. Carfraemill* 12 January (programme and papers)

2. Perth* 14 January (programme and papers)

3. Inverurie* 19 January  (programme and papers)

4. Inverness* 21 January 2016 (programme and papers)

5. Cumbria 3 February (programme and papers)

6. Kent 3 February (programme and papers)

7. Cheshire 10 February (programme and papers)

8. Northamptonshire 10 February (programme and papers)

Live around Northamptonshire? You might also like to attend the oilseeds' seminars on 17 March (programme)

9. Vale of Glamorgan**17 February (programme and papers)

10. Lincolnshire 23 February (programme and papers)

11. Somerset 23 February (programme and papers)

* Joint event with SRUC

**Joint event with NFU Cymru

United Oilseeds/AHDB update seminar

The United Oilseeds/AHDB technical update seminar took place on 17 March 2016 in Northamptonshire.

The afternoon event was an opportunity for growers to get a market update and hear about developments in oilseed rape agronomy.

It featured three technical papers sponsored by AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.

Programme and AHDB papers

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