Soil management


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Soil management videos

Take a look at our videos to better understand soil and for practical solutions for some common soil problems.


AHDB funds an extensive programme of research and knowledge exchange on soil management.

Head to the AHDB website for practical information on soil management, as well as an overview of ongoing research and knowledge exchange.

Learn about precision farming

Precision farming technology can be used to help identify and manage soil variability. This can increase the efficiency of farm operations, through improved cultivations and better-targeted fertiliser and agrochemical applications.


is14Sowing directly into crop residues without any prior topsoil loosening can help reduce production costs while maintaining or increasing yields. AHDB issued guidance to help growers assess the opportunities and challenges of no-till.

Improve oilseed rape establishment

IS10Oilseed rape seedlings are susceptible to poor seedbed conditions. The following information can help growers decide how to alter establishment in response to local weather conditions, soil conditions and available machinery.


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