R&KE Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference

R&KE Advisory Committee - Remit and description of Members' responsibilities

The AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds R&KE Advisory Committee is responsible for driving forward the applied research and knowledge exchange (KE) programmes fully or partly funded through the cereals and oilseeds levies. Currently, some £4.5 million of levy funds are invested every year in R&KE projects. The programme aims to improve and enhance the sustainability UK cereals and oilseeds industries including profitability, competitiveness, environmental protection and product safety. Delivery of information to appropriate stakeholder groups is a primary goal.

The Committee comprises twelve voting members who are capable of representing the interests of growers, dealers and primary processors of cereals and growers of oilseeds within the UK, plus one non-voting member (Defra) and is chaired by a AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Board member. They are appointed by a mixture of nominations and open applications and are appointed by the AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Board, with the Chairman and Director of AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds as ex officio members. The Committee's primary responsibility is to evaluate and recommend for funding research and KE proposals on issues related to aspects of production, harvesting, storage and processing. The Committee also works to develop the programmes through pro-active commissioning initiatives and plays an important role in directing the research strategy. Committee meetings are held four times a year, primarily at Stoneleigh Park or occasionally in research establishments throughout the UK.

The strongly interactive philosophy of AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds means that at any one time numerous discussions with the industry and research community are on-going. Members are expected to represent the interests of their particular sector and to facilitate effective communication between the needs of the sector and the committee. Members will be invited to take a specific interest and develop a sense of 'ownership' of topics and on-going projects relevant to their expertise and/or interests. This will include participation in project monitoring activities and attendance at one or more knowledge transfer activities during a year is also expected.

Members are expected to act as ambassadors for the cereals and oilseeds industries in their region and sector and to provide feedback on research and KE needs to the research community and the Committee. Experience with production and/or processing is essential, combined with an aptitude for scientific issues. Previous or current membership of other technical committees in relevant fields is desirable but not essential. Members are expected to make attendance at meetings a priority.

In line with the Government's policy on openness, and to avoid any conflict of interest, members will be requested to complete a 'declaration of interests' form each year and in addition, are expected to declare any conflict of interest during committee meetings.

Appointments will be for a 3-year period with two terms of office being the maximum.