BCE provides information on various topics ranging from the types of cereals produced in the UK and their quality specifications to the more technical aspects of wheat usage in bread and biscuit production.

They can be downloaded below but if you would like to receive hard copies of any of the publications listed, please email Dorit Cohen on

Guide to cereals in UKGuide to Cereals in the UK
This booklet provides information on the different types of cereals and oilseeds grown in the UK.



Introducing ukp & uksIntroducing ukp and uks
ukp and uks are versatile milling–quality wheats. This leaflet provides information on the typical specifications of ukp and uks wheat.




uks wheat productuks wheat product trials - 2014
Demonstrating qualities and sharing results.
This report gives an insight into the different types of bread and biscuit products baked by international millers and delegate feedback using uks wheat.





International breadInternational Bread Baking Workshop report 2012
This report gives an insight into the different types of bread products baked by international millers using ukp wheat. Delegate feedback on this event is also included.



MycotoxinMycotoxin control in UK wheatThis leaflet provides information on how mycotoxin levels are monitored and controlled in cereal crops for human consumption and animal feed.



Exporters Directory
A list of UK Exporters and the different cereals they export.